Upcoming Change in the App Store: Xcode 15 and iOS 17 SDK Requirement

Raviraj Desai
2 min readNov 22, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of mobile apps, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and guidelines is crucial for app developers. Apple, a pioneer in the tech industry, is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation. To keep pace with this momentum, Apple has recently announced an important change that will affect all app developers submitting their creation to the App Store starting in April 2024.

The Change: Xcode 15 and SDK Requirements:

Apple has set a new standard by mandating that apps submitted to the App Store must be built using Xcode 15 and the iOS 17 SDK, watchOS 10 SDK (or later) from April 2024onward. This change is part of Apple’s commitment to ensuring app security,performance, and compatibility with the latest hardware and software innovations.

Key Points to Note:

Xcode 15: The transition to Xcode 15 brings with it enhanced development tools andfeatures. Developers will have access to a range of improvements that can streamline app development and improve overall quality.

SDK Versions: To ensure compatibility and to leverage the latest features, it’s essential to build your apps with the specified SDK versions. This ensures your app is optimized

Why This Change Matters:

mproved Performance: Using the latest Xcode and SDK versions will help developers create apps that run smoothly and efficiently on the latest Apple devices, providing a

better user experience.

Enhanced Security: By adhering to these requirements, developers contribute to the overall security and reliability of the App Store, making it a safer environment for


Future-Proofing: Staying current with Apple’s development tools and SDKs ensures your apps are ready for the future and can take advantage of upcoming technologies

and features.

What Developers Need to Do:

To prepare for this change, developers should Update Xcode: Ensure you have Xcode 15 installed on your development system.

Check SDK Versions: Review your app’s SDK versions to ensure they meet the requirements.

Test Thoroughly: Test your app on devices running the latest iOS or watchOS versions to ensure compatibility.

Stay Informed: Keep an eye on Apple’s developer documentation for any additional details or updates regarding this requirement.


The transition to Xcode 15 and the specified SDK versions is a significant step in the evolution of app development for the Apple ecosystem. While change can be challenging, it also presents new opportunities for developers to create more robust and innovative apps. By adhering to these new guidelines, developers contribute to the overall quality and security of the App Store, ensuring that Apple users continue to enjoy a seamless and secure app experience

As we approach April 2024, app developers should embrace this change, adapting to the evolving landscape of technology to deliver exceptional apps to users worldwide.



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